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Share links on social media, drive traffic & sales

Use Bandsintown's sharing capabilities to maximize your reach and provide fans with an instant way to get tickets:

  • share all of your upcoming events at once with a unique short URL that you can grab on Bandsintown and add to your Instagram story or other social media pages

  • share a specific event with its individual link

HOW TO Share a link to all your upcoming events

You can announce your tour, pre-sale offers, and on-sales with a short URL pointing to an auto-generated Events Landing Page, listing all of your upcoming events.

  1. Go to Bandsintown and click on the Events panel to see your upcoming events

  2. Click on the Share button at the top of your upcoming events to retrieve your own short URL

  3. Click on the Copy link button to copy the short URL

  4. Paste your short URL into your Instagram story*, on your Facebook or Twitter page, or any other social media page where you want to promote your tour dates.
    * available to Instagram verified accounts and Business Profiles with 10,000+ followers

Your Events Landing Page is always in sync with your upcoming events on Bandsintown, so you can re-use this short URL any time you want. And if you need to add or edit an event on your Events Landing Page, simply go to Bandsintown to make these changes.

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 5.22.54 PM.png

Any fan who swipes up on your Instagram story or clicks on your short URL in your post will get to see your auto-generated Events Landing Page with all of your upcoming events, where they can buy tickets, RSVP, and track you on Bandsintown if they don't already!



Want to find out how many fans viewed your Events Landing Page? Or who clicked to get tickets? You can find that and much more insights thanks to our Google Analytics integration: simply click on Advanced options and enter your Google Analytics tracking ID (click here to sign up to Google Analytics). Post the short URL to your Events Landing Page on social media and in no time, traffic data will start flowing to your Google Analytics account. You’ll know everything you’ve always wanted to know about your fans! Learn more on how to use this feature.


Ever created Facebook ads? You can now build a Facebook re-targeting audience right from your Events Landing Page. Just click on Advanced options and enter your Facebook pixel ID. Then post the short URL to your Events Landing Page on social media and watch your Facebook re-targeting audience grow: you can use the power of Facebook Ads Manager to build segments and targeted advertising campaigns. Learn more on how to use this feature.

HOW TO Share a link to an individual event

We help you promote each individual event that you publish through Bandsintown by automatically announcing it on Bandsintown to all your trackers.

You can also share the link to an individual event on social media, on your own and at any time, with or without a custom message. Please note we don't offer short URLs for individual events. So just look up your event in Bandsintown, then click on the three-dot icon next to the event and select View. Bandsintown will direct you to the event page where you can grab the URL of your event page and paste it in on any other social media.

Check out these real life use cases of artists sharing their Events Landing Page links!

Need help? Contact us at ArtistSupport@bandsintown.com or via the chat box in the bottom right corner of this page and we’ll be happy to assist you.