It’s a new year and at Bandsintown, we’re starting on a high note. After brushing the confetti from our desks and dumping the champagne bottles, we took some time to reflect on just how far we’ve come in this past year.

Here are some of our personal highlights from 2014:

  • Bandsintown Manager on mobile introduced the largest update to our artist platform in years. Along with it came exclusive new features like messaging fans who RSVP to shows, the ability to aggregate concert photos and videos posted by fans of a specific show, and updating your band photo with the click of a button.
  • We’re introduced Tour Trailers to Bandsintown Manager on Facebook, allowing fans to hear and see artists performing live. 
  • We added over 66,000 new artists to our platform including Top 40 superstar Usher, indie buzz band Mating Ritual, Grammy nominated Childish Gambino, R&B songstress Jhené Aiko and DJ's like Amon Tobin
  • As we start 2015, 66% of the Top 100 Songs of 2014 featured an artist that used Bandsintown Manager and 70% of DJ Magazine’s TOP 100 DJ’s are now powered by Bandsintown Manager!
  • We collaborated with dozens of bands to bring you exclusive Tour Diaries from the road, from Motopony’s adventures in India to Rixton’s tour through their hometown of Manchester and American Author’s on what it’s like to play legendary venues.
  • We introduced Bandsintown for Promoters, which allows the music industry to successfully promote a show, artist or tour to Bandsintown concert-goers. This allowed us to hire a full advertising and sales team in New York and by the end of 2014, we had successfully completed thousands of email promotion campaigns.
  • We attended or spoke at prominent industry events including DLD, SXSW, Bonnaroo, CMJ, IEBA, Amsterdam Dance Event, Mobile World Congress, Pollstar Live!, REVOLT Music Conference, San Diego Music Thing, Firefly, Pitchfork Festival – and many, many more!

And since we’re saving the best for last, we’re ecstatic to announce that we’ve now passed 15 million Bandsintown concert-goers who have installed our app!

How big is 15 million?

  • That’s just about the population of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles combined—the three most populous cities in America!
  • More people than we would see if we toured and sold out the 200 biggest stadiums in the world!

These are important milestones for our music community—thank you for being a special part of it. Follow our artist blog, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and help us make 2015 another rockin’ year for Bandsintown!

Julien Sigi.png

- Fabrice Sergent, CEO and Julien Mitelberg, President and COO

Go Inside The Music Festival Economy at IMFCON

Fall is here, which means touring season is winding down and 2015 planning is underway. For promoters, music agents and touring managers, it’s also a time to escape the cold and head to Austin, TX December 7-9th for the annual International Music Festival Conference (IMFCON) headed by Laurie Kirby, Esq and her team. Festivals have come to dominate the music industry, with more than 60 in the U.S. this year. For the past six years, IMFCON has brought together hundreds of festival professionals to meet, strategize, educate and provide a deeper understanding of how music festivals play an essential role in the music industry and foster the growth of live music. It’s a great opportunity for anyone in the music business to network and partner with any number of festivals in attendance, dozens of ticketing companies, technology providers or even the venues themselves. 

This year's music festival panelists include a who’s who in music entertainment such as Kevin Lyman of Van's Warped Tour, Elliott Lefko of Goldenvoice, Maureen Ford of Live Nation, Sean Hoess of Wanderlust, Sean O’Connell of Hangout Music Festival, Chad Isaaq from Superfly Presents, Chip Connelly from Fest300, Stuart Ross of Red Light Management, and Ted Cohen of Tag Strategic. Recent additions to the agenda include Tom Windish, President of The Windish Agency, Robert Richard of Glastonbury Festival, DJ SpLyce, Printz Board of the Black Eye Peas, Actress/Singer Nia Peeples, Rehan Choundry, the Founder of Life is Beautiful Festival, and Tom Russell of Founder’s Entertainment.

Given our focus this year on music marketing and data analytics with Bandsintown for Promoters, we are particularly interested to hear the discussion Sell Out Your Festival with Big Data with Eventbrite, Front Gate, Vendini and Hangout Music Festival as well as Marketing Your Music Festival with CrowdTorch, The Wharton School and DigSin/DigMark.

Grab your registration tickets here http://ow.ly/DT2FD or visit the website to see the 2014 Agenda.

Rock on!

- The Bandsintown Team

New Manager additions: Update Artist photo, sync to tumblr and Show line-up

We recently released a new version of Bandsintown Manager on iOS and Android that allows managers and artists to perform a simple function that has been hugely requested for some time. Now, any artist using our Manager app on mobile will have the ability to update their artist or band photo directly - independent of Facebook!

Here's how:

  1. Download Bandsintown Manager on iOS or Android
  2. Connect your Facebook account and navigate to the selected artist or band page
  3. Click on the 'More' settings tab on the far right
  4. Select Artist Cover Image and choose a photo you'd like to use. It's that easy!

We also introduced a new feature that allows you to sync your Auto Promote posts to Tumblr. Now you can push Bandsintown tour dates to one of the world's largest blogging platforms!

Here's how:

On Facebook:

1. Click the Settings link in the top right - Click Connect next to Tumblr

3. Provide your Tumblr login info to connect Bandsintown

4. Click the Auto Promote tab to toggle Tumblr syncing for each type of post

On iOS:

1. Tap the Settings tab in the bottom right - Toggle the Tumblr switch 

3. Provide your Tumblr login info to connect to Bandsintown

4. Tap Auto Promote to toggle Tumblr syncing for each type of post

On Android:

1. Tap the More tab in the bottom right - Check the box next to Tumblr

3. Provide your Tumblr login info to connect to Bandsintown

4. Tap Auto Promote to toggle Tumblr syncing for each type of post

And finally, Bandsintown will automatically aggregate artists playing the same show on a lineup as listed on the web. Anyone can edit or change a show lineup by visiting their settings under Event Details in the Facebook or Manager mobile apps, which will be reflected on the artist's tour dates tab, in our mobile apps, on the Bandsintown website and in the tour dates widgets. This makes it easier for fans to discover who is playing and encourages concert-goers to purchase tickets.

Rock on!

- The Bandsintown Team

Eyal Levi's 5 Tips for Recording on the Road

Contributed by Eyal Levi, acclaimed heavy metal producer for Audiohammer Studios, and music industry expert who has toured the world with his signed band, Dååth. As a part of the Audiohammer family, Eyal Levi has worked with Billboard charting bands like Whitechapel, August Burns Red, Black Dahlia Murder and more.

Contributed by Eyal Levi, acclaimed heavy metal producer for Audiohammer Studios, and music industry expert who has toured the world with his signed band, Dååth. As a part of the Audiohammer family, Eyal Levi has worked with Billboard charting bands like Whitechapel, August Burns Red, Black Dahlia Murder and more.

Tip # 1 - Make it convenient

Setting up and tearing down a rig every time will eventually make you not want to go through the trouble. The less steps toward recording the better. Get a simple interface so you can record guitar DIs (the Apogee Jam is tiny, sounds great and is USB-powered), and set up a writing template in your DAW so you don’t have to spend time fiddling with software when inspiration strikes. Have plugins for virtual drums, bass, and synths all set up and ready to go (I like EZdrummer, Trilian, and Massive respectively). Purchase length appropriate cables. You don’t need 100ft guitar cables. I’ll repeat this later but put as much as you can in a rack. The less you have to plug in, the better.

Tip # 2 - Make it rugged

Shit will break. Shit will come apart. Get roadworthy gear. Put as much as you can in a rack. This will protect the gear and also see Tip No. 1. The build quality of a MacBook is hard to beat, but there are quality PC laptops out there too. Spend a little more to get something that can survive the harsh conditions of van life (like when your fat ass bassist sits on it by mistake).

Tip # 3 - Plan ahead

Rather than trying to force yourself to write in subpar conditions, plan ahead and work on your recordings when you know the conditions will be right. For example, on your off days when you’re crashing at a friend’s place, when you’re playing a big show with plenty of room backstage, etc. Block out some time and get it done then.

Tip # 4 - Have rock solid reference material

Monitoring on the road will suck, period. Your best option is to get some good headphones (I like Beyerdynamic DT 880). Before you hit the road, get familiar with them in your home studio so you know how they translate.

Tip # 5 - Set realistic goals

With all the downtime that comes with being on the road, it’s easy to think that you’ll have plenty of time to be productive. But in practice, recording on the road is really tough and you’re probably going to accomplish less than you expect due to the noise, fatigue, distractions, and discomfort. Set small, attainable goals and go from there.

For more recording tips from Eyal Levi, be sure to tune into his upcoming CreativeLive course “Mastering Metal Mixing,” broadcasting for free from September 29 – October 1. Or, for a more hands-on recording experience, see if Eyal will be stopping in a city near you on his “Unstoppable Recording Machine” audio ‘boot camp’ tour, beginning October 3 in Cleveland, OH.


Showcase Your Star Power with Tour Trailers on Bandsintown Manager

At a good show, fans don’t just stand around and stare. They are involved in the music – moving, dancing, singing their favorite verses, screaming back in the call and response. They get the full concert experience. Why should your tour dates tab be any different? We’re introducing tour trailers to Bandsintown Manager on Facebook, to showcase your star power and encourage more fans to see you live.  

Now you can introduce your fans to your music and give them a taste of your own unique sound by uploading a tour trailer video to the header of your tour dates tab. It can be a hype video with live show clips, a simple graphic animation video with tour details, or a personalized video message from your band directly to your fans. Share it with all of your fans, encourage them to track you and entice them to buy tickets. And if you’d rather stick with a single header image, you can still do that too.

Check out some examples from St. Lucia and Drowners to see how they are using tour trailers to market their shows to their fans. Ready to try it out? Visit your tour dates tab at http://bandsintown.com/managerapp to upload your own tour trailer now. 

Step 1. Choose a video file to upload. For best results upload 16:9 HD video or at least 810 pixels wide image.

Step 2. Upload a still frame to represent your video when it's not playing.

Step 3. Share your tour trailer on your wall, to drive fans to your tour dates tab.

Rock on!

- The Bandsintown Team 

Bandsintown Comes to Squarespace

Let’s face facts, it’s not 2008 anymore, and your band can’t survive with just a MySpace page. Sure, you’ve got a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but those are only good for sharing updates. You need a web destination where your fans can find you and get access to new music, show dates, tour diaries, photos and video, and your merch, right? Of course—this is why your band needs a website.

Which is why we’re happy to share that we’ve partnered with the folks at Squarespace, one of the most visually stunning website publishing platform for musicians, to seamlessly sync our two services. We can attest to the platform's ease of use, rich imagery and responsive design – we’re currently powering our artist website on Squarespace! Now you too can benefit by adding a Bandsintown Block available from the Block Menu, to pull your Bandsintown tour data and display it on any page, blog post, event or product page of your Squarespace site. This means any changes or updates you make to your tour schedule will instantly appear on Squarespace – one update will be pushed everywhere. After dropping the block on a page, there are only two settings required to pull in data from any touring band: the band’s name and date range to show. No username or password required, it’s that simple. 

Additionally, our recently released Bandsintown Manager mobile app – available for free for artists through our partnership with Squarespace – saves artists valuable time by sharing tour dates across multiple sites and social networks. So you can get back to what you REALLY love, making great music that your fans want to hear. 

Visit the Squarespace blog to read more about our integration.

Rock on,

- The Bandsintown Team

Introducing Bandsintown Manager: Our Free Mobile App for Artists!

Engage with your fans and reach new concert-goers from one easy-to-use app.

Life on the road is tough. It’s even tougher when you can’t get to a desktop to manage your tour dates. Until now…

Formerly known as our Artist Platform and available only on Facebook, we have rebranded our product suite for artists as Bandsintown Manager and introduced a mobile app now available for iOS and Android users! Bandsintown Manager lets artists and managers stay on top of day-to-day tasks for working musicians, resulting in higher turnout and more tickets sold. We display and promote your tour dates on Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, and artist websites. We also push your tour data to our partners like Shazam, Nokia MixRadio, SoundHound, Squarespace, DeliRadio, and many more, helping you get discovered.

Our new mobile and tablet app has a fresh interface that makes it easier to make the most of a breadth of features – both new and some you may not have tried yet.

Key features

  • Create Facebook events for all upcoming shows and display them on a Tour Dates tab on your Facebook Page for fans to RSVP, comment and share.
  • Geo-targeted newsfeed posts that reach your Facebook and Twitter fans throughout your entire tour, from presale to opening night.
  • Manage multiple artists from a single mobile dashboard.

New exclusive features

  • Receive notifications to approve pending tour dates imported from a third party source.
  • Key insights and statistics about your fan Trackers that are easy to understand.
  • Artists can directly message fans who have RSVP’d to your show with targeted push notifications.
  • Browse concert photos and videos of a show posted by fans on Bandsintown and Instagram, and repost your favorites ones on Facebook and Twitter to increase engagement

Bandsintown Manager is now available as a FREE download in the iTunes App Store and on Google PlaySquarespace, the leading all-in-one website publishing platform for musicians, is the initial sponsor of the app.

 For screen shots or to consult our FAQ, please visit our Help section located at http://help.bandsintown.com.

Rock on,

- The Bandsintown Team

Your Checklist for Success in the Music Business

Contributed by Steve Rennie, former talent manager for Incubus, music industry veteran, entrepreneur, and the founder of Renman Music and Business. 

Contributed by Steve Rennie, former talent manager for Incubus, music industry veteran, entrepreneur, and the founder of Renman Music and Business

So many times when I talk to folks who are contemplating a career in music, they want to know what exactly the things they need to do to be successful are.  It’s almost as if we trained a whole generation of young folks to believe that life is like taking the SAT and if you get a good score, your success will be guaranteed.  But we are talking about the music business here folks and nothing could be further from the truth. 

At the heart of the music business are great songs and great performers. Without that you don’t really have a music business at all. In my experience, lots of artists are uncomfortable even talking about business and would prefer to have somebody else ‘handle that stuff’. But if we assume that you have those great songs and are a great performer, the decisions you make after you’ve made the music will have as much or even more impact on your prospects of success as the music itself. 

More so today than ever, artists need to understand what goes on once they hand off that music. Why? Because in most cases you’ll need to be doing all the things that a great manager, agent, record label, or music publisher would do to get your music to stand out from the crowd. But you’ll have to do it on your own, for a while at least. 

If you are looking to build a live audience, but don’t yet have a manager or an agent, you can’t let that stop you. You’ll need to make it happen yourself. The good news is that there are now web resources like indieonthemove.com and Bandsintown that make that much more doable. 

In the old days, you’d hire a publicist to help tell your story. Today you can tell your own story with social media. Today it’s less about Rolling Stone than it is about music blogs and Twitter. You’ve still got to compete, but the playing field is more level today than in the past.

So how do you learn about the real music biz? 

There appears to be no shortage of people and institutions who teach the ‘music business’ on a campus or online. I recently offered my own 12-week course on how to succeed in the music business, called ‘Renman U’.  Most, if not all, these ‘teachers’ will talk about building your online presence, how to market and promote your music, how to build a touring business, who you need to have on your team, and how to turn your songs into money. 

But one of the things that I rarely see on those ‘checklists’ is the importance of having a great attitude, having your head in the right place to do something great. That lesson is not about details, its about big picture. Without that ability to see the music business from the 30,000-foot view, it’s very easy to get lost in the maze.

Getting your head in the right place means transitioning from music biz dreamer to doer. It’s about developing an attitude that allows you to embrace the idea of working around all the obstacles you will face as you try to build a career. It’s about knowing the difference between a hobby and a career. It’s understanding that to compete in today’s music biz you need money. And no matter whose money it is – yours, a label’s, or a kickstarter supporter – they will want something in return. Getting your head in the right place is acknowledging that success in the music biz is bigger than any single person’s talent and that you will need help. You will need to identify, recruit, and inspire others to join you on your mission. 

Success in the music biz is not easy, even on the best of days. You’ll need to do a million things right. But when you are going through that checklist of things you need to do to be successful, don’t forget to start with the only thing you can reasonably control and that’s your attitude. 

- Steve Rennie

Steve will livestream his next CreativeLive class “Dream It, Do It: Breaking Into The Music Industry” for free on Wednesday, July 2nd at 9:00AM Pacific / 12:00PM Eastern.

Electric Factory on Email Marketing and “Cutting Through Digital Clutter”

Electric Factory Logo.JPG

The Electric Factory is one of the nation's leading indoor music venues and Philadelphia's most celebrated location for live music. For over 40 years, the Electric Factory has been a fan favorite for an array of musical tastes as it hosts the top names in entertainment from all musical genres. The below was submitted from Electric Factory’s Marketing Director, Reid Benditt.

There’s no doubt that digital is the dominant medium in the advertising world. It's accountable, traceable and we can target people on a personal level that’s interesting to them. But since digital is so prevalent, every corner of the Internet is packed with a flurry of content and ads from social media feeds, to search page results, to banner ad space.... you name it.

Bandsintown cuts through the clutter. They serve one main purpose: to ensure that concert-goers never miss a show. So when a Bandsintown email arrives, fans know exactly what they're opening – the concert news that’s relevant to them. Email is possibly the most direct and trusted form of digital marketing, so at the Electric Factory, we utilized it for a wide variety of campaigns in early 2014, including Die Antwoord and Ingrid Michaelson to Mastodon and Shpongle, among others.

We choose Bandsintown for Promoters because it allowed us to target fans on levels that ensure we're hitting the right crowds. In today's music landscape, genres and categorizations are as arbitrary as they've ever been. To target concert-goers on the band and artist level, alerting jamband fans that Shpongle is coming to town, or telling Sara Bareilles and Aimee Mann fans that Ingrid Michaelson is touring near them, which goes the extra mile. And we've seen great results for shows that were a couple weeks out as well as shows that just went on sale – some producing open rates above 35% with a CTR well above 5%.

That's why we use Bandsintown for Promoters, time and time again.

-        Reid Benditt, Marketing Director - Electric Factory l Bonfire

Are you a label or promoter and interested in learning how Bandsintown can help you? Get in touch at ads@bandsintown.com

New VIP Link Options, Geo Targeting Options, And More...

Hello Artists and Admins!

It's spring, which means we've done some housekeeping on the Bandsintown Artist Platform Facebook app that we think you'll enjoy. You can expect to see these changes rolling out over the next few weeks including:

New and improved VIP Links (replaces Bandsintown Specials)

Easily add a link to your VIP offers from any other platform such as Presale Tickets, Merch, or Crowdfunding to the tour dates tab and plugins. 

Add/Edit Ticket Links

New “Grow Trackers” button with options to post manually or set it to automatically request fans to track you daily, weekly or monthly. The more Trackers you have, the more fans receive your gig alerts. Now isn't that a great thing?

Set the geo targeting for all Auto Promote posts or to turn on/off any type of post.

Just Announced and Playing posts will now publish as Stream posts labeled Just Announced and Playing Today. Facebook no longer offers Open Graph for pages, so we have adapted for our artists. This means you will no longer see your “Tour Dates” map on your Timeline and posts previously using Open Graph will now post to the Stream. 

Open Graph is now Stream

Simplified tab navigation by moving WordPress under Website Sync and removing links to MySpace. 

If you have any questions, please drop us a line at biz@bandsintown.com.

Rock on!

-The Bandsintown Team

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Get Discovered on Google Search With Bandsintown

We’ve always made it our top priority to ensure Bandsintown has your back when it comes to getting the word out to your fans and casual listeners about upcoming shows in their area. Now, Google will be making it even easier for your fans to find you and stay in the loop.

Bandsintown is proud to serve as a launch partner for Google’s expanded efforts to prioritize and standardize event dates within Google Search. This means that the world’s largest search engine will be scanning and delivering up your tour dates, and helping you get discovered right from the Knowledge Graph panel on the results page (see screen shots).

How Do I Get Onboard?

If you’re already using Bandsintown’s Tour Date Widget to sync tour information to your website or blog, then you don’t need to do anything. Our Tour Date Widget is synced with Google, providing millions of searchers with the most up-to-date concert schedules from your official websites. Your Bandsintown events will be understood automatically, ensuring prime SEO for those looking to grab tickets or pass the link on to friends!

If you’re not currently using the Bandsintown Tour Dates Widget on your official website, Tumblr, or WordPress site, just visit this URL and input your artist name and copy and paste the code into your website. You will soon see your tour dates provided to millions of users searching for your concert schedule on Google: http://www.bandsintown.com/artist_platform/tour_dates_widget.

Artists using Bandsintown will now see their shows reach even farther across the web through our collaboration with Google and YouTube, increasing band exposure and ticket sales.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to know more about our customizable Tour Dates Widget at biz@bandsintown.com.

Rock on,

The Bandsintown Team


You’ve heard of “Follow”, “Like”, and “Share”. Now... TRACK

For the last three years since we introduced the Bandsintown Artist Platform, we have added a slew of new features to help artists better promote their tour dates as well as encourage fans to track their favorite artists and receive alerts for upcoming tours they definitely don’t want to miss. Now it’s time to start sharing this valuable intel with you…

Bandsintown TRACKERS data is now delivered to you in your weekly Artist Page Report

We recently began sending our artists and page administrators weekly updates on how many Bandsintown fans are tracking each artist. With our growing community of millions of fans, you’ll be surprised to see how many concert-goers are tracking you. Each week, we deliver analytics showing the increase in fans so you know your tour promotions are making an impact. 

Why Bandsintown TRACKERS are so valuable to artists:

  • When your concert tour dates are loaded into our Artist Platform, we guarantee that 100% of your TRACKERS will be notified by email, mobile or Facebook when you’re coming to town. In comparison, Facebook previously reported newsfeed posts reach anywhere between 15% – 20% of total fans, depending on the size of your fan base.
  • The more TRACKERS an artist has, the more fans will know about your shows. This is the most efficient way to promote your tour dates to your fans so they never miss another show.
  • Our research shows some artists have more TRACKERS than fans opted in to their own newsletter! 

To take full advantage of this awesome FREE service, we recommend you encourage your fan base to TRACK you on Bandsintown – either on Facebook or mobile. Not sure how? Don’t worry, we will soon release tools to help you do just that.

In the meantime, all artists can begin posting their own one-click TRACK link on their Facebook page and Twitter now by sharing http://Bandsintown.com/track/ArtistName. You can also install our completely customizable and easy to embed website plugin, which makes it simple to TRACK artists and sync tour dates, ticket links and Facebook events to your official website or blog, enabling you to save time and sell more tickets!


In the meantime, feel free to join our Artist Facebook Group to share your ideas and connect with other artists on tour. Thank you for using Bandsintown! 

Bandsintown Teams Up With Artist Growth

As we’re always trying to spread Bandsintown’s great marketing tools to as many artists as possible, we wanted to fill you in on another great way to manage your work: 

Artist Growth, the music industry’s most comprehensive mobile software platform that combines calendars, inventory, contacts, social media, and mentoring resources from experts, available on all mobile and web devices. 

Today we’re glad to share that Artist Growth’s 10,000+ clients will now have the ability to sync their AG accounts with their Bandsintown accounts. Upon account setup, Artist Growth  will import any shows already posted on the Bandsintown platform, and as shows are confirmed, Artist Growth will automatically send them to Bandsintown.

Artist Growth is a fantastic tool for musicians trying to manage their touring, finances, and more, and we’re thrilled to team up with them. Enjoy!


Warped Goes (RED) Prize Pack Giveaway!


We talked a bit about the Vans Warped Tour and how rad it is, as well as how Bandsintown powers all Warped tour dates, but we’d like to shed some light on what we believe is a great cause, while hooking you up in the process.

For two days only, the Vans Warped Tour will be joining forces with (RED) to help engage artists and their fans in the fight for an AIDS Free Generation.

Every year in June, the month during which AIDS was discovered 32 years ago, (RED) gives people new and easy ways to join the fight, with the goal of delivering an AIDS Free Generation. We teamed up with Warped and (RED) to give you a chance to win a super rad, one of a kind Warped Goes (RED) Prize Pack, containing:

·A special (RED) @FatboyUSA beanbag chair

·A pair of GA tickets to the Vans Warped Tour

·The 2013 Vans Warped Tour Compilation CD 

·A Vans Warped Tour Hoodie

Best of all, entering the sweepstakes not only gets you a chance to win this awesome prize, but also spreads the word about the global AIDS epidemic. To enter, please visit http://ow.ly/meIhn.

Bandsintown Official Facebook App of Vans Warped Tour, Kicks off this Sat

It’s June, which means it’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Vans Warped Tour will soon be making the rounds to various cities in North America playing over 40 dates starting this weekend in Seattle, and will even be crossing the pond to the UK later in the year. The Warped Tour has been a significant concert experience for many of the Bandsintown staffers. Several of us have been every year since it started in 1994, when boss-man Kevin Lyman created the tour to continue the spirit of skateboard contest/concert crossover shows. 

The tour now boasts a HUGE line up of over 100 artists covering an ever evolving range of genres, from EDM to pop punk to metal. Just a few of the bands Warped fans will hear this year include The Wonder Years, Architects (UK), Motion City Soundtrack, Sleeping With Sirens… even Black Veil Brides (bust out the makeup). What’s especially cool is Bandsintown is the “official app” powering all artist Warped Tour dates. Some of the Warped Tour bands were our earliest supporters before we grew into the robust Artist Platform we are today. Click here to see a full lineup and to RSVP.

A Warped experience is an all-day affair, full of sweat, amps and loud rock n’ roll (just how we like it). Fans get serious bang for their buck as multiple stages, skate ramps, and tents make up each stop on the festival. It’s safe to say no matter what you’re into, from meeting your favorite artists to discovering your new musical obsession, you can find it at Warped. Rock on, and remember to stay hydrated! 

Bandsintown at Music Biz 2013: How Artists Can Make Mobile Work for Them


Photo Credit: Stefan Aronsen - www.sf-inter.com

Bandsintown made a big splash at NARM and digitalmusic.org’s Music Biz 2013 event last week in LA. The annual conference gathered elite retailers, labels, artists, managers, app developers, and more for a wide-ranging program that covered everything from music branding to proper metadata standards. Our own Alexis Rodich was on hand to moderate the panel “How Mobile Is Changing the Future of Live Music and Its Promotion,” leading a deep discussion with mobile power players Creighton Burke of Live Nation, Ed Donnelly of Aderra, Kavi Halemane of The Collective, and Matt Urmy of Artist Growth that focused on how artists can take advantage of mobile devices to engage their fans and gather important information that can be used to increase future sales.

Key takeaways of the panel included:

  • Push marketing is important, but don’t spam your fans: According to Halemane, “There’s only so much push marketing an artist is comfortable with,” and that goes double for fans. The goal of mobile engagement is to make those who love your band feel included and appreciated, but “they’ll walk away entirely if you disrespect them by sending five mass emails a day,” according to Donnelly. Burke added that fan comments have led Live Nation to refine its app so it focuses on the notification system, allowing users to find and buy tickets early. Concertgoers want to receive push notifications, but don’t overdo it - keep it classy!
  • Stay engaged before, during and after:The panel highlighted the importance of mobile engagement before, during and after the event, noting that the objective of utilizing mobile technology is different depending at which stage of the live event it is being used.  All of the panelists agreed that during the event presents the best opportunity for data collection, but is also the most challenging as many artists want fans watching the show, not their phones, and connectivity at most venues tends to be weak. By utilizing mobile and social networks, you have the opportunity to drive interactions and give fans a reason to talk about you long after the lights go down.
  • Don’t forget about texting: SMS text messaging is still a big part of the way young people communicate, and artists should take advantage of it. Halemane noted how he got a strong response when one of his bands gave away a guitar at each stop of its tour by placing a custom shortcode inside the venue that fans could text in for a shot at winning. Donnelly agreed, advocating bands run shortcode contests at venues for merch-pack giveaways, collect the contact info of entrants, and then send out a mass text giving those fans a chance to buy a recording of the show they just attended. While text messaging may not be the most technologically advanced method to reach fans, it is still a highly effective one.
  • Partner with brands, but be sure to get the data: As Halemane succinctly put it, “The music industry is not swimming in the same sources of money it used to.” The music industry is much more austere nowadays and artists feel it most strongly when they go on tour. However, by teaming up with brands, artists can improve the live experience without spending more – they just need to ensure they partner with companies open to sharing the data they collect. “Email is still king,” said Halemane, as it offers the most direct link to fans for future promotions. Look for a collaborative partner that will share that info with you, and when you find one, don’t hesitate to sign up.

Next up on our conference calendar is a stop from CEO Julien Mitelberg at IMS in Ibiza May 22-24. Let us know if you’re attending – we’d love to meet you!

DeliRadio now powered by the preferred choice of top touring artists worldwide: Bandsintown


“We’d sell a LOT more tickets if people could just HEAR our music.” – Artists Everywhere

We wanted to let you know about an awesome platform Bandsintown has partnered with to expose more artists to music fans around the world. 

DeliRadio Concert Network(DCN) is a free, streaming radio service powered by Bandsintown that is dedicated to promoting live concerts by transforming the lineups of thousands of concert venues into streaming radio channels. This includes massive festivals like the Wakarusa Festival all the way down to your favorite neighborhood dives.

Click “PLAY” on radio stations made for venues and festivals you might recognize like Brooklyn Bowl RadioHigh Sierra Music Fest RadioKnitting Factory RadioRoxy Radio, and many more. 

DCN is ad-free for bands and fans, streaming to computers, phones, tablets and soon, car dashboards and set-top boxes. Thousands of music venues around the world have had their lineups transformed into ad-free streaming radio accessible on both web and mobile devices, for free listening and sharing. Fan favorites MGMT, My Morning Jacket, The Lumineers, Steve Aoki and tens of thousands of other artists, venues, and festivals rely on the platform as an integral part of tour promotion. We like to think of DCN as a matchmaker between concert-goers and performing artists.

So how does it work? Click here to create a free DeliRadio profile and make sure you have a calendar date that’s entered in Bandsintown. Once you’re set up, all of your tour dates are imported automatically from Bandsintown!

Have fun and happy touring!

Beyond EDM: What All Artists Can Learn From IMS Engage

On Wed, April 17th, several members of the Bandsintown team joined a gathering crowd of music industry vets for IMS Engage, the first U.S. edition of the Ibiza-based IMS conference at the W Hotel in Hollywood.  Intentionally open in format, the conference featured a series of long-form conversations that paired an electronic music industry leader and, in the words of conference partner Ben Turner, “someone from the outside world.” Among them: Diplo in conversation with Kevin Systrom (Founder, Instagram), Ultra’s Patrick Moxey spoke with Russell Simmons and Skrillex sat down with Jeff Rosenthal (Co-founder, Summit Series). 

While the Summit was undoubtedly focused on electronic music, we identified several takeaways applicable to all artists, regardless of music genre: 

1. Invest in yourself/your art: While discussing the trajectory of his career, Skrillex stated just three years ago he was $30,000 in debt, but choose to spend all of his earnings on production for his first tour. Fast forward to today, Forbes claims he earned upward of $15M in 2012.

2. Mainstream success does not mean the death of underground music or culture: “The bigger the overground becomes, the bigger the underground becomes.” Amy Thomson (Manager, Swedish House Mafia.)

3. As a touring artist, focus on cultivating your fan base in various markets:  Commenting on Lady Gaga’s success on the road, manager Troy Carter advised not to be touch and go saying, “It’s not just about the show, but about experiencing and connecting with the market.”

4. The future is cross-genre and post-medium: “The biggest DJ’s these days are the ones playing everything … I’m seeing a breakdown of genres,” observed Diplo.  Taking this a step further, Russell Simmons spoke of his new YouTube Channel, All Def Digital, which enables artists to cross mediums from music to comedy and even scripted shows.

5. Using social media to its fullest = creating sustainable community: “Build a community who reference one another, and can share a common conversation,” said Systrom. This echoed Diplo’s sentiment that a big community is more valuable than a single big hit when it comes to longevity in the music industry.

6. Listen to Uncle Rush: An entire post, if not a book, could be dedicated to Russell Simmons wise words in conversation with Patrick Moxey.  Below are a few we found particularly poignant:

  • "Your work is your prayer, your meditation, the results of the work is the cycle of giving and getting … Good givers are great getters, but those that give without expectation are the best getters."
  • "Success is just a reminder that you are making people happy. Remember, no matter how many chairs you have, you can only sit in one at a time."
  • "Rest in perfection. Operate from a place of abundance, because you have every f_cking thing you need."

The full interview is available here  

Catch us next month on the conference circuit at the Music Biz Event in Los Angeles where we will be moderating a panel with Artist Growth, Aderra, Live Nation and The Collective. Also, our CEO is attending IMS in Ibiza May 22-24 so let us know if you’d like to connect!

- Bandsintown Team

Interview w/ Kelli Richards of All Access Group


My interview w/ Kelli Richards of All Access Group for her radio show on Blog Talk Radio. We primarily cover Bandsintown, my role at Bandsintown, and what wakes me up in the morning ;)   My thanks to Kelli and her producer, it was an honor to participate.