Post to RSVPs

You can now message all your fans who RSVP'ed to your events before, during, or after the show. These messages boost tickets sales, encourage fans to visit the merch store, and continue the buzz after the show.


1. Select RSVPs

Go to the Home tab in Bandsintown Manager and find the Post to Bandsintown composer (the first one). Click on Select and choose the RSVPs of the event you wish to talk to.

Note: you can also post your message through the Events tab in Bandsintown Manager. To do this, click on the 3-dot menu icon of any event and select Post to RSVPs.

2. Write

Write the message you wish to communicate to your RSVPs. Note that you are limited to 1000 characters, so use them wisely!

3. Post

Once you have finished writing up your message, click on Post to send it to all your RSVPs for that event

4. Monitor results

After sending the message, you can learn more about the reach and engagement by clicking on the Insights tab in Bandsintown Manager.

Note: insights are updated every 24 hours.

Check our Help Center if you need help.