What is Auto Promote?

Auto Promote is a great way for artists to keep fans in the loop about all of their upcoming events. The Auto Promote feature generates notifications to your fans through your social network whenever you announce a new concert date, helping to ensure they never miss any of your shows. You can customize these posts by their frequency and audience to go out on your Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr pages. 

Types of Auto Promote posts:

Just Announced: Posted immediately when the event is published or announced after scheduling for later.

Playing Today: Posted the same day as the event.

Track Artist: A reminder to your fans to start tracking you on Bandsintown that can be scheduled to post either daily, weekly, or monthly.

Tomorrow: Posted 24 hours before the event.

This Weekend: Posted the Friday before the event.

Next Week: Posted one week before the event.

Next Month: Posted one month before the event.

On Sale: Posted immediately when the tickets go on sale according to the on sale date and time entered when the event was created.

On Sale Tomorrow: Posted 24 hours before the on sale date and time.


It’s always best to include a message with each auto promote post. Use general text here and don't use anything specific to a date or city. Playing Today can say something like, “Come hang with us tonight!” Tomorrow, This Weekend, etc. can say something like “Who’s coming to see us?” We’ve noticed that Just Announced and Playing Today notifications have the most user engagement. Fans engage with these posts and tag their friends, further notifying fans about shows. If you're looking to grow your Trackers, this is a fantastic tool!

For Facebook, you can choose to send out Auto Promote posts to everyone or to geo-target based on region or country.

If you want all of your Facebook fans to see your Auto Promote posts, set the drop-down to "Everyone".

If you want to target your Auto Promote posts to your Facebook fans in a specific region within the United States, set the drop-down to "Region". Please note that only Auto Promote posts for events within the United States can be targeted by region. Auto Promote posts for events outside of the United States will be geo-targeted to Facebook fans by country.

If you want to target your Auto Promote posts to your Facebook fans by country, set the drop-down to "Country".

For more info, you can check out our help article.