Message Rsvps

Our millions of Bandsintown users interact with your events by using our RSVP feature. Did you know that once they RSVP for your event, you can message them in real time with a push notification AND an email? We've seen this feature used before, during, and after the show. 

Aight, so how do you send these messages out to fans? Here's the process...

First, visit the artist's Bandsintown tab on Facebook and stay on the default "Manage Tour Dates" view. From there, scroll down to the date you have in question and hit the "message" button under the "RSVPs" tab. You will see a pop-up where you can enter in your 1000 character message to send out to your fans.

We've seen this used to boost ticket sales (send fans a link to buy tickets!), encourage fans to visit the merch booth, and to push pop-up or in-store performances. Feel free to send these fans whatever message you'd like!

After sending the message, you can learn more about the reach and open rate by clicking "Analytics" in Bandsintown Manager.