Bandsintown automatically collects, imports and publishes your tour dates from a number of sources so that you don’t have to do it. However, if you want to take control or simply pre-screen all events before they are published to your artist page, Facebook app or website widget, you can turn off the Publish Imported Events feature.

on Bandsintown Manager


Go on the Settings tab in Bandsintown Manager and click on Events at the top.

2. Activate / deactivate

Switch the toggle on Publish Imported Events to your preference.

3. Approve events

If you have deactivated the Publish Imported Events feature, any new event that comes in will be added as "pending" for you to manually approve and publish.

To do this, go to the Events tab in Bandsintown Manager and click on Pending at the top. If you wish to publish a pending event, click on Publish. If you wish to delete a pending event, click on the 3-dot menu icon of this event and select Delete.


It is our mission to help fans never miss another show. When managers of an artist whose Publish Imported Events setting is turned OFF have not connected to Bandsintown Manager on the web or mobile app for more than 90 days, events imported from these reliable partners: Ticketmaster, AXS, and Ticketfly, will be automatically published on Bandsintown properties after 7 days of import, regardless of their Publish Imported Events setting. These events will be published on the Bandsintown website and Concerts app, but not on the artist’s Facebook Page, Events Widget or Plugins. Managers can always connect to Bandsintown Manager again to review or edit these events at any time.

Check our Help Center if you need help.