• Use the date format MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Use a 24-hour clock time format (i.e. 21:00). If the time is left blank or the format is incorrect, the event time will automatically default to 7:00 PM / 19:00.
  • Only include 1 artist name per row. If multiple artists are playing, separate each event into different rows with the other details remaining the same (date, venue, etc).
  • Enter the artist's name exactly as it is listed on the artist’s Bandsintown page.
  • Only include the name of the venue in the Venue column. Any event name such as "An Evening With (artist name)" or other type of descriptive content can be put in the Description section.
  • Use the 2-character Country Code (ISO CODE) for the Country column, you can find the list at ISO codes on wikipedia
  • You can signal a canceled event by writing "Yes" in the Canceled column.
  • If you wish to edit an existing event, you may edit the date by marking the event as canceled and adding the correct event in a new row. You may edit the country, state, city, and venue columns in the same way. You may edit or add a description or ticket URL by using the same data plus the description or ticket URL and resubmitting the spreadsheet.
  • Past dates cannot be imported with the bulk upload method. If you want to add past dates, they must be added manually.
  • Please do not add additional columns to the spreadsheet - they need to be as they are displayed in the template for the import may not work properly.
  • Make sure the file extension remains .xls (not .xlsx)

NOTE: our Bulk Event Uploader automatically imports your events as Bandsintown suggested events. If you do not want them to be announced to your fans immediately, go to your Settings and change your Publish Suggested Events setting to OFF: your events will be imported under Pending, where you can review them and decide when to publish.

Send any questions to support.tourinfo@bandsintown.com.