You’ve heard of “Follow”, “Like”, and “Share”. Now... TRACK

For the last three years since we introduced the Bandsintown Manager platform for artists, we have added a slew of new features to help artists better promote their tour dates as well as encourage fans to track their favorite artists and receive alerts for upcoming tours they definitely don’t want to miss. Now it’s time to start sharing this valuable intel with you…

Bandsintown TRACKERS data is now delivered to you in your weekly Artist Page Report

We recently began sending our artists and page administrators weekly updates on how many Bandsintown fans are tracking each artist. With our growing community of millions of fans, you’ll be surprised to see how many concert-goers are tracking you. Each week, we deliver analytics showing the increase in fans so you know your tour promotions are making an impact. 

Why Bandsintown TRACKERS are so valuable to artists:

  • When your concert tour dates are loaded into Bandsintown Manager, we guarantee that 100% of your TRACKERS will be notified by email, mobile or Facebook when you’re coming to town. In comparison, Facebook previously reported newsfeed posts reach anywhere between 15% – 20% of total fans, depending on the size of your fan base.

  • The more TRACKERS an artist has, the more fans will know about your shows. This is the most efficient way to promote your tour dates to your fans so they never miss another show.

  • Our research shows some artists have more TRACKERS than fans opted in to their own newsletter!

To take full advantage of this awesome FREE service, we recommend you encourage your fan base to TRACK you on Bandsintown – either on Facebook or mobile. Not sure how? Don’t worry, we will soon release tools to help you do just that.

In the meantime, all artists can begin posting their own one-click TRACK link on their Facebook page and Twitter now by sharing You can also install our completely customizable and easy to embed website plugin, which makes it simple to TRACK artists and sync tour dates, ticket links and Facebook events to your official website or blog, enabling you to save time and sell more tickets!


In the meantime, feel free to join our Artist Facebook Group to share your ideas and connect with other artists on tour. Thank you for using Bandsintown!