The Summer Set Makes a Difference with “Merch”

On their Fall 2012 tour with All Time Low, pop-rock band The Summer Set decided to take an unconventional approach to selling their merch.Using our Specials tool, they choose seven dates to offer post-show acoustic sets priced at $5/each.These sets were held at “secret” locations near the venue, with the band emailing everyone that bought the offer on the day of the show telling them where to go. All proceeds from the sets were donated to the non-profit, Invisible Children, which is dedicated to bringing peace to the Congo.

Band merchandise hasn’t changed much over the last 30 years.We’re all familiar with the standard issue table covered with band t-shirts, hoodies and CDs at every show. However, what if instead of leaving the show with a few great photos and a t-shirt, fans could make a difference in someone’s life thousands of miles away?

For this to happen, musicians need to realize that merch doesn’t have to be something tangible. Technically anything a band sells that reinforces their brand and strengthens their fan base can be considered merch. That means it could be something intangible, like an experience, a conversation or even a donation.

Sure, it’s different.But in this digital age, fans want to know more about their favorite artists than ever before.They want to know what they ate for breakfast, what their hobbies are and what they’re passionate about.And savvy artists know that the more they interact with their fans directly, the more their fans will love them (Gaga and Little Monsters anyone?)

With this Bandsintown Special offer, everyone wins.The Summer Set is able to raise awareness for a cause they feel passionate about. Their fans have the opportunity to make a difference and Invisible Children receives much-needed donations that will support their mission to end violence in war-affected communities in East and Central Africa.

Interested in going to one of The Summer Set’s secret shows? Check out their tour dates tab to see if they’re offering one near you: