Spotlight on Victor Sandoval, Digital Media Manager at Strange Music Inc.


Helping artists reach the next level in their career is always our goal, no matter the stage they’re at.

That’s why Bandsintown’s tools are designed with digital teams, management companies, independent artists, major labels, and promoters in mind. Moral of the story? If you work in music, we’re trying to make your day-to-day that much easier.

Whether you’re announcing a tour, pushing tickets for a one-off, or dropping merch, we want to know how you’re using our tools to connect your artists with their fans.

For Strange Music Inc’s Victor Sandoval, growing his artists’ social media presence and crafting content that resonates with fans is of the utmost of importance.

To ensure that Tech N9ne’s live music-obsessed fans were following him on the platform, Victor posted 5 Instagram Stories over the course of a month, each linking out to Tech N9ne’s Events Landing Page. The result? 16.5k new trackers on Bandsintown who Victor can now re-engage anytime using the Post to Trackers functionality inside Bandsintown Manager.


Interview with Victor Sandoval

We want to engage and reward the fans that are willing to come out to our live shows and support their favorite artists.
— Victor Sandoval

Why is it important for you to grow your artists fanbase on Bandsintown?

One of the most common roadblocks in promoting upcoming tours is that no matter how many times you blast it out, people still miss out dates and cities. The great thing about Bandsintown is that it operates with a large network that we can easily tap into and hopefully reach anyone we might have missed. Plus, all of the built-in promotional opportunities and connectivity make it a great platform to engage.

What do you like the most about the new Events Landing Pages tool?

We really appreciate how simple it is for the artists to connect to the fans within the app. There's no need to do any guess work - we know these are engaged fans that we can speak to directly.

How do you plan to leverage this new fanbase?

The plan is to really cultivate the Strange Music fanbase within Bandsintown and carry this over to other opportunities, whether it be: merchandise, one-off events, or online campaigns. We want to engage and reward the fans that are willing to come out to our live shows and support their favorite artists.


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