Spotlight on Brian Frank, Owner at BFrank Management Inc.


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Aside from starting BFrank, the full-service artist management company repping some of indie’s coolest acts, Brian Frank has been in the music industry for over 20 years, putting in time at Beats Music, Warner Bros. Records, and Interscope Records.

With a roster that includes acts like FIDLAR, Ra Ra Riot, and The Frights, Brian and his team handle the day-to-day happenings, which includes all-things touring related.

From posting to trackers to using the Events Landing Pages for RSVP contests (resulting in a 82% click-through rate after being shared on socials!), his team gets the most out of Bandsintown’s tools to promote upcoming shows and connect with fans. We chatted with Brian about his thoughts on tour routing, marketing, and social activations.


Interview with Brian Frank

How do you decide which markets your artists will be hitting while touring?

Tour routing is a combination of art and science. I collaborate closely with the artist's booking agent to ensure that we line up the best opportunities for the artist to connect with their fans in combination with travel, logistics and finances. It's always exciting when we can add new countries and festivals to the itinerary.

Each artist is unique in how they communicate with their fans.
— Brian Frank

In what ways do you promote their tours—from announce to pre-sale, on-sale, and reminder pushes?

Each artist is unique in how they communicate with their fans. We work together to ensure that everything that goes out to the world is authentic to the artist's voice. Social media and its advertising provides an opportunity for targeting. However, for us, that's not the whole story. We try to find ways to reach the artist's audience and potential audience wherever they are and whatever they're doing. I'm a big believer in posters, flyers, handouts, stickers - old school hand to hand. 

How do you think marketing differs for independent vs. major label artists?

I don't think marketing differs for independent vs. major label artists. I think marketing is about the artist themselves, who their fans (or potential fans) are, where to reach those fans and how to communicate with them.

I believe that Bandsintown trackers are a highly engaged audience who have a deeper connection to the artist.
— Brian Frank

What does Bandsintown offer to you and your artists that other platforms don't?

What I value about Bandsintown is the ability to directly communicate with fans who have expressed an interest in seeing the artist live. I believe that Bandsintown trackers are a highly engaged audience who have a deeper connection to the artist.

How passionate are your artists’ followers on socials?

I like working with artists who have a specific point of view and aesthetic. By virtue of the artist's commitment to who they are and what they are creating, they have followers who are passionate. It's gratifying to see the level of interaction that happens online because it mirrors what we see in person at the shows.

How is a Bandsintown tracker meaningful to you vs. followers on other social media platforms?

Bandsintown trackers are meaningful because they tend to be fans who have been to a show or who will be at a show. This means that they are part of a real world community who get together and share an experience with the artist. Therefore, these are fans who have a deep connection with the artist and fellow fans.

RSVP contests are really great for engagement (Ra Ra Riot's Event Landing Page had an 82% click through rate). Why do you think these types of activations are important for artists?

There's nothing like going to see an artist perform live, but it's hard for the artist to keep in touch with their fans after the show is over. We like using RSVP contests because we can communicate with fans who were at the show. This enables a deeper connection between the artist and the fan. 


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