Learn How You Can Sign Up to the Artist Impact Program | Bandsintown Promoter

Get familiar with our Artist Impact Program

At this point you’re probably wondering, “So what exactly is the Artist Impact Program?” The AIP (as we like to call it) is Bandsintown’s offer to management companies to assist in the promotion of an artist’s upcoming tour, using different promotional touch points.

Artist Impact Program_how it works and how to qualify.jpg
  1. Sign in on Bandsintown Manager and install our Events Widget on the websites of your artists

  2. Communicate with promoters on tour routing to submit campaigns through BIT Promoter.

  3. Minimum local promoter spend per campaign of $0.20 cents a seat (based off of venue cap.)

  4. Min. 70% of tour markets must be committed

  5. Credits issued to manager through AIP may only be used on Bandsintown Promoter

For more information on the Artist Impact Program, contact your Bandsintown sales representative. If unsure, reach out to bitpromoter@bandsintown.com.