How to Update Your Artists Profile on Bandsintown

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The Bandsintown Concerts app is used by millions of fans: make sure you stand out. Go to the Profile section, update your photo, fill in the other fields and hit Save to boost your discoverability and gain new fans.

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Bandsintown automatically imports your Facebook Page photo when you add your artist on Bandsintown Manager. This photo is the one displayed on your Bandsintown page. If you want to replace it, follow these steps:
1. Click on the camera icon to select a new file on your device
2. Use the cropping tool to zoom in or out if needed
3. Click on the checkmark icon when you're done
4. Hit the Save button and your photo will be updated right away on your Bandsintown page

General information

Indicate if you're a solo artist, a D.J. or a band. Add what year you started and where you're from. Bands can add band members: hit the Enter key after each name. Fill in your bio as fans love to read about their beloved artists. Be sure to add your music genres: they help us boost your visibility to potential new fans. Last, indicate the artists you're similar to.

Contact information

You can add contact information (artist, record label, manager, booking agent, press contact). This information is not displayed to the fans. We respect your privacy and will not sell nor share your contact information.


Increase your exposure: add links to all the social and music platforms your fans can find you on. Please type the full URL e.g.

If you are having trouble reaching 100%, here is a checklist showing all the fields you need to complete:

  • Facebook

  • Similar Artists

  • YouTube

  • SoundCloud

  • Artist phone and email

  • Record label information

  • Manager phone and email

  • Booking agent phone and email

  • Press phone and email

  • Name

  • Photo

  • Genres

  • Bio

  • Hometown

  • Artist Type

  • Active Since

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Official Website


It is important to update your music genre, as it is used by our recommendation engine for concert discovery by other fans. When fans are looking for new artists, the first thing they do is look through different genres. Be sure to update and they will find you!

When you are finished updating, click Save at the top right and we'll start using that information to help get more fans out to your shows!

Please note: Profile updates can take up to 24 hours to fully process and reflect on your public page, thanks for your patience.

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Be sure to head to Bandsintown for Artists to update your artists profile and utilize all our free tools to reach your fans and gain new ones. They are all waiting to hear from you!