Bandsintown + Spotify Turns Your Listeners Into Front Row Fans


Today we released the new Bandsintown Concerts for Spotify app, meaning that every one of your tour dates will now be featured on the fastest-growing music player in the world! Fans can now buy tickets, RSVP to your Facebook events and share with their friends, all from within Spotify.

The Bandsintown Concerts for Spotify app recommends upcoming shows to listeners based on their location and Spotify listening habits, improving the accuracy of our recommendations and increasing the likelihood that fans will buy tickets.  It also lets listeners create a playlist based on all upcoming shows in their town, which is a great way for up and coming artists—or those playing a new town for the first time—to get discovered and for their music to be heard by potential new fans. 

All artists using Bandsintown Manager will be featured in the Spotify app automatically, and any new dates you add will sync to Spotify in real time so that your listeners can discover them right away!

To check it out from your desktop, click here:

For more information about Bandsintown Concerts for Spotify app, please watch the demo video below or visit our press room.