Complete your Bandsintown Artist Profile

Each time you add your events to Bandsintown, we send alert emails and push notifications to millions of fans. Our complex recommendation engine is responsible for helping fans discover new artists and concerts in their area and we want your help to make it even better!

Check out our new Profile tab in Bandsintown Manager to add and edit the information we have about you or your band. In addition to providing information for our recommendation engine, you can also change your Bandsintown profile picture, add band information such as your hometown and bio and list links to other social media platforms. We’ll use these links to make sure your fans on those platforms who are Bandsintown users are automatically tracking you on Bandsintown.

The more information you provide, the better our recommendation engine will be as we alert fans about your shows. 50% of our users say that they've been to a show for an artist they didn't know before Bandsintown recommended it-- let's make you one of those artists!

For more information on our Profile tab, check out our help page.