5 Million Fans Strong

We’re excited to share with you we’ve reached a major milestone in our company history. As of this week, Bandsintown has grown to 5 MILLION app installs on Facebook and smartphones! Pretty impressive, considering just 18 months ago we were at 1 million installs. 

Thanks to you, our artist community, the growth Bandsintown has experienced on Facebook, iOS and Android devices in such a short time has been mind boggling. We’ve achieved a lot of impressive triumphs, including our 100,000th artist and the launch of Bandsintown Social, but this one is particularly special to us. Here are some notable stats that show just how huge Bandsintown is today: 

  • ALL 5 million of our installed users see the upcoming tour dates of the artists they are tracking, as well as artists with a similar sound. We give you 100% exposure, 100% of the time.

  • We provide concert alerts and recommendations for more than 135,000 artists in 210 countries, representing a concert catalog of nearly 3.5 million gigs across all genres.

  • Some of our largest artists using Bandsintown’s Artist Platform have over 68 million fans on Facebook. Other bands using the Artist Platform have just 5 and growing. We scale to support artists of all sizes and all genres.

  • We process 560,000 RSVPs per month. That’s about 1 million hours of concerts & shows our users are attending MONTHLY!

  • We send over 2.7 million fans to ticketing sites every month!

  • Bandsintown fans track an average of 67 artists, ranging from megastars like Skrillex and Beyonce to the freshest up-and-coming indie acts.

  • Bandsintown users go on average to 14 concerts a year – which is 7 times as many concerts as the average American. We service a community of concert goers who live for live music – it’s an important part of our life.

From the entire team at Bandsintown, a HUGE thank you.  We couldn’t have done it without all of the amazing support from the artists using Bandsintown.

The second phase of our adventure is now beginning. We want to make your live music experience even better – before, during and after each show. We want to offer fans free event tickets, show upgrades, band exclusives and more and for this we need our community to be even stronger, in every town. Please help us spread the word - friends don’t let friends miss live music!

- Julien Mitelberg, Cellfish Co-Founder / COO & Bandsintown CEO