How to Promote Your Events on Bandsintown

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Customize your audience by music preference and location, and craft your email campaigns to expand your reach.

You can review your previous campaigns or schedule new ones without leaving Bandsintown Manager: simply click on the Promote section and wait a few seconds for your data to load:

  • if the email address of your Bandsintown Promoter account is recognized, you're all set

  • if the email address of your Bandsintown Promoter account is not recognized, click on the Existing Promoter User button to associate your Bandsintown Manager account with your Bandsintown Promoter credentials. You only have to do this once, and then you're set.

Creating my first campaign

On Bandsintown Promoter:
Once you have received your credentials from the Bandsintown team and you are logged in to our Promoter Platform, you will be prompted to create your first campaign.

At any time you can create a new campaign by clicking the “Create New” button at the top right of the page.

On Bandsintown Manager:
Go to the "Promote" tab and create a new campaign.

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How can I target a specific artist’s Trackers?

You can define your audience by specifying one or more artists. All the concert-goers who track the specified artist in the targeted location will be included in the campaign.

To do this, simply type the name of the artist in the ‘Performing Artists’ or ‘Similar Artists’ text box. You can select multiple artists by adding the names of the artists one after the other.

When you add artists in either of the Artists textbox, a list of similar artists that match your previous selections will appear underneath the textbox. The number next to each artist name corresponds to the total number of Bandsintown Trackers for each artist. To add a similar artist, just click on the name of the artist.

You can remove an artist from the list by clicking on the “x” sign in front of the artist name.

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Are there size constraints for each campaign?

Our email marketing campaigns require a minimum audience size of:

  • USA: 3,000

  • UK: 1,300

  • European Countries: 1,250

  • Rest of world: 3,000

Should I choose a small and specific audience or a large and general audience?

Your campaign is more likely to perform better if it’s displayed to the Bandsintown users who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. When you target each campaign to smaller, specific groups of artist fans or concert-goers you’ll be able to customize your campaign design so it’s more personalized and appealing to the audience you’re trying to reach.

Do I have to use all of the targeting options?

No, you don't have to use all of the targeting options at once. The only targeting option that is required is a country with at least one of the following: artist or a state, city or zip code. However, narrowing down your audience will ensure your ad is shown to the most relevant concert-goers for you campaign.

Reaching the right audience

You can use the different filters such as location and artists, to break down your audience based on their location and the artists that they like.

How can I edit my audience?

Once a targeted audience has been added to your campaign, you can edit it by clicking the edit button


at the right of the audience line or even remove it from the campaign by clicking the delete button


How can I specify multiple dates for the email campaign for different audiences?

To specify multiple dates for your marketing campaigns, you can add multiple audiences to your campaign and select a different date for each audience in the calendar.  Select ‘multiple email campaigns’ as your ‘Audience Type’, each audience you add to the order will be its own separate email.

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How can I target concert-goers in multiple cities or states?

You can add multiple audiences for a single campaign to target music fans in different locations. By leaving the ‘Audience Type’ as the default ‘one email campaign’, you can continue to add multiple audiences to the order. 

How do I target based on a specific country, city, or province?

When ordering your campaign, choose a country from the ‘Location’ dropdown menu. Once you have entered a country, you can go even further by specifying state/province, city or zip code.

How do I submit my campaign and what happens next?

Once you are satisfied with the targeting of your audience, click “Complete Order”. Your campaign will then be reviewed by the Bandsintown team, who will contact you using the info you shared from “My Account”. After a campaign has been submitted, you will no longer be able to modify it so please review carefully before submitting.

How can I save my campaign without submitting it?

At any point, you can save your campaign as “draft”. This will add the campaign to your “My Campaign” dashboard and it will still be available for modifications and review.

How can I create a new campaign?

You can create a new campaign by clicking on the “Create New” button at the top right of the home page.

How can I use an existing campaign as a template for other campaigns?

From your dashboard, you can click the check box on the left side of the campaign name you want to reuse and click on the “Duplicate” button at the top of the page. Note that when doing this the campaign name will be pre-populated with the same name followed by _copy. To change the name of the campaign, click on the edit link at the top left of the row of the campaign in the dashboard.

How can I delete a campaign from my list of campaigns?

In the ‘Your Order’ section, click the red trash can on the right of the audience you choose to delete.
Submitted campaigns cannot be deleted from the dashboard since they are under review by the Bandsintown team. Please contact your Account Manager for any edits.

How can I access all my campaigns?

On Bandsintown Promoter:
All Campaigns are available on your Bandsintown Promoter dashboard under My Campaigns.
If the campaign is still listed as DRAFT, you can edit it by clicking the “edit” under Design.

Your campaign may have the following status:

Draft: The campaign can be modified by you until you submit.

Submitted: The campaign has been submitted and will be reviewed by Bandsintown staff.

Completed: Once the campaign date has past, the campaign is marked as completed.

On Bandsintown Manager:
Go to the "Promote" tab, and click the "Campaigns" button.

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Be sure to head to the PROMOTER TAB on BANDSINTOWN FOR ARTISTS or directly to BANDSINTOWN PROMOTER to start promoting your shows today! Have any questions? The chatbot is always available for a rep to reach out and answer any questions, or you can email the Bandsintown Promoter team at