#SaveFabric: A Message on the Possible Shutdown of London’s Iconic Club

“We built this space to create a safe place, a home – not a ‘super-club’. It’s called fabric for a reason, the fabric that unites us all, that brings people together, that stitches together race, gender, sexual preference and age into a brilliant tapestry. The best music, technology, interior and visual design.” - Fabric, London

Supported by musicians and industry leaders across the world, people are standing by Fabric—that it is a pillar in the live music community, that it has not been given the appropriate  “powers of search or tools”, that it is expected “to be responsible for acts committed by third parties entirely beyond the control of any safe, responsible and willing operator”, that by attacking Fabric, the authorities don't address a problem or even propose solutions but symbolically try to make the voters believe that by shutting down the place, they'll solve a problem.

Because music events are scrutinized by media, issues surface more than in many other contexts where problems happen but are getting much unnoticed. We believe that music brings people together and underground music is core to all cultures and the culture for all.

To learn more, livestream the panel happening now on Boiler Room TV, featuring discussions with Emily Thornberry, MP for Islington South + Finsbury; Mirik Milan, Night Mayor of Amsterdam; outspoken artists and Fabric regulars, Goldie and Artwork; Alex Benson from Bloc; Dan Beaumont from Chapter 10, Dalston Superstore and (the now sadly shut) Dance Tunnel; and, Cameron Leslie, co-founder of Fabric.


Join the campaign to help save Fabric and London’s nightlife culture.

Fabrice #savefabric