Showcase Your Star Power with Tour Trailers on Bandsintown Manager

At a good show, fans don’t just stand around and stare. They are involved in the music – moving, dancing, singing their favorite verses, screaming back in the call and response. They get the full concert experience. Why should your tour dates tab be any different? We’re introducing tour trailers to Bandsintown Manager on Facebook, to showcase your star power and encourage more fans to see you live.  

Now you can introduce your fans to your music and give them a taste of your own unique sound by uploading a tour trailer video to the header of your tour dates tab. It can be a hype video with live show clips, a simple graphic animation video with tour details, or a personalized video message from your band directly to your fans. Share it with all of your fans, encourage them to track you and entice them to buy tickets. And if you’d rather stick with a single header image, you can still do that too.

Check out some examples from St. Lucia and Drowners to see how they are using tour trailers to market their shows to their fans. Ready to try it out? Visit your tour dates tab at to upload your own tour trailer now. 

Step 1. Choose a video file to upload. For best results upload 16:9 HD video or at least 810 pixels wide image.

Step 2. Upload a still frame to represent your video when it's not playing.

Step 3. Share your tour trailer on your wall, to drive fans to your tour dates tab.

Rock on!

- The Bandsintown Team