How to get the most out of Bandsintown Manager

5 ways to get the most out of bandsintown manager

1. add tour dates to bandsintown

We aggregate concert information from hundreds of sources worldwide to use as a foundation, and give artists the option to edit and/or add additional dates through Bandsintown Manager. Our ticket links go directly from your artist page to the ticket company for fans to purchase.

You can also upload your events in bulk! Click here for more information.

2. sync your shows across the web

A lot of your current fans are already using Bandsintown – however, many of these are likely not tracking you on Bandsintown yet. To make sure they do, you can sync your events across the web by doing the following:

  • Install the Bandsintown Events Widget to your website to automatically sync your tour info.
  • Add links to your tour dates directly from your Youtube videos by using YouTube Cards.
  • List your events at the top of Google Search by doing the following:
    • Install our Events Widget to your website
    • Create a Wikipedia page for your artist and link your official website to that page
    • Create a MusicBrainz ID and link your website to your MusicBrainz page

3. get your fans to track you on bandsintown

Building Trackers on Bandsintown is great way to connect with ALL of your fans, not just a certain percentage. When fans track you, they will be the first to know when you announce a new show in their area.

To get your fans to become Trackers, you can add a Track Button to your website as well as post Bandsintown Track links to your social networks (bandsintown.com/track/yourartistname).

4. message your fans on bandsintown

post to your rsvps

With Bandsintown, you can communicate with your RSVPs to remind them to grab tickets for the show, invite them to stop by the merch booth, etc. Fans who have RSVP'd to a show will receive this message as both a push notification from their Bandsintown Concerts app and an email.

Click here learn more.

post to your trackers

You can post a message (such as a photo of you working hard in the studio) that will reach all of your active trackers in the Bandsintown Concerts app. This will help you further engage with your fans and get them excited to come see you live.

Click here to learn more.

5. monitor analytics about trackers, rsvps and ticket clicks

We have a lot of information to share with you! Just click the Insights tab in Bandsintown Manager to get started. Our analytics tool will help you review concert-going trends & assess local fan demand. We'll show you...

  • Tracker & RSVP Map
  • Top 100 Cities
  • Weekly Ticket Clicks
  • Tour Date stats & more!