Announcing a Tour


Bandsintown’s mission is to help artists grow their careers and to help fans never miss another show. If you’re announcing a tour now or thinking about it, we’re there for you! We offer a number of solutions to help you:

  • get your tour dates published or schedule their announcement

  • maximize their visibility through email and mobile push notifications

  • engage with your fans on Bandsintown and on social media

And the best of all? It’s all free! So jump right in, and contact us if you need any assistance!


First things first, make sure you’re registered on Bandsintown Manager so you can add or update your events.

Once you added your artist, you can control the publication of events on your artist page and can notify your artist trackers on Bandsintown. To add an event, click on the Add event button and fill in the event form, or use our convenient Bulk Upload functionality to add multiple events at once.

When adding events, after filling in all the details, you have the option to Save them as drafts, Schedule their announcement for later, or Publish them right away. Note if you schedule them, the scheduling date and time should be entered using Eastern Time.

If you’re a first-time user or if you did not turn OFF your Publish Imported Events setting, it’s possible some events are already listed: that’s normal. Bandsintown relies on a number of partners and data sources, including ticketing companies (Ticketmaster, AXS, Eventbrite, Ticketfly, Seetickets and many more), booking agencies, promoters, and venues, to import events that are then published on artist pages and announced to the fans. This simplifies data input for managers and ensures fans are always in the know as soon as a show is announced online so that we can help bring more fans to your shows. Even after publication, you still have full control over your events and can review and edit them at any time.


Bandsintown Manager gives you access to a free, auto-generated, Events Landing Page synchronized with all your upcoming events.

As soon as you’re ready to announce your tour, ideally at the beginning of the week, grab the short URL to your Events Landing Page and post it on Instagram story, Facebook, Twitter and all other socials your fans use. Call on fans to track you on Bandsintown to receive a special pre-sale code.

Note: make sure to save your short link as an Instagram highlight or/and insert it into your bio so your dates are always accessible.

The same day, post a message to all your trackers, e.g. “We’re going back on tour! Keep an eye out for a special pre-sale code”. Note posts work best with an image: be sure to include your artwork!

By mid-week, post a second message to your trackers, this time with your pre-sale code.


Finally, by the end of the week:

  • announce general on-sale across socials: use your Events Landing Page again to share your tour dates

  • post to your trackers that general on-sale started


That strategy has proved very effective with several artists. We’d love to help you work out something similar for you! Tell us about your plans and let us know of any question you have by contacting Artist Support.